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Aneesha Ghosh (Canada)

I was always interested in rural medicine and I have been keen on studying tropical medicine and JCU offered both. Hence, the program was a perfect fit for me. Further, when I looked at JCU medicine’s placement program I was impressed as it gives us ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience and prepares us well for the future.

I am an active member in a few of the medicine department clubs and I’m the Senior Residential Assistant at Saints Catholic College. Through these organisations, I had the opportunity to organise many cultural and fundraising events and it has been a lot of fun along with studies. Also, during my second year rural placement in the town of Stanthorpe, I enjoyed working at the hospital and for the first time I saw the birth of a baby and it was a wonderful moment that I will cherish forever.

Aneesha Ghosh at JCU Townsville Campus

Image: Aneesha Ghosh at JCU Townsville Campus

JCU has an amazing international student support team and I remember when called for the first time and communicated with them, they were helpful and always answered my questions promptly. They made me feel at home.  When I arrived at Townsville, they took great care of me and picked me up from the airport and helped me organise my student ID and through the orientation helped us organize things like phones, etc.  International students can voice their options and meet other internationals through the JCU International Student Association (JCUISA). With my role with JCUMSA as an International Representative, I get the chance to voice our concerns in the medical faculty. None the less, I was impressed with JCU’s knowledge and the help they provide with the paperwork regarding international student funding programs like OSAP in Ontario.

After I finish my degree, I would like to do my medical  internship in Australia and then I will also be doing the medical board exams for USA and Canada and look for hospital residency programs in Australia as well. I have been living here for the past few years and I am enjoying my time here.  As I am getting used to the environment here, I am open to staying in Australia and serving in a rural area.