Fahad Nazir (Pakistan)

Currently in his final year of a Doctor of Philosophy – Information Technology, Fahad Nazir is so close to achieving his lifelong dream of completing a Ph.D. Fahad said there were several factors that motivated him to complete his postgraduate studies at James Cook University.

“In my opinion, JCU was the best place in the world to complete my studies.

“The university produces excellent publications, has support plans for their students, and has very structured student development programs.”

After living in Australia for more than three years, Fahad said his experiences abroad have been invaluable.

“I am still really enjoying my time here at JCU and Townsville in general.

“I get to meet new people every day and present my work to my supervisors and other audiences.

“They always provide me with positive feedback and are very supportive of my work.”

Fahad Nazir.

When Fahad is not busy studying, he enjoys spending time at this favourite place in Townsville.

“I love the Strand. It’s right by the beach and I usually go for an evening walk there. I also grab coffee with friends or head down there for dinner. It’s such a versatile location.”

Fahad was also a member of JCU’s  CROCS team (CROCS stands for champions responsible for orientating commencing students) at this year’s Semester 1, International Student Orientation with other JCU students, aimed at helping new students integrate into JCU and life in Australia.

He said his biggest piece of advice for new students was not to be afraid to ask for help.

“You need to stay focused and follow your academic plan.

“Make sure you understand what is required from you and ask for help when you get stuck, don’t just assume.

“Once you do this, it will open the doors for you to learn more.”