A place to connect...

The JCU Ideas Lab is open to JCU students and staff, innovators from the broader ecosystem, and industry partners. By working together, we help you build valuable connections.

Access to our services, community, and Founder Development Programs is completely free for JCU staff and students, with a range of affordable packages available to non-JCU members.

Packages include desk space, access to amenities, learning and development opportunities, mentoring and networking sessions and the key connections needed to set your business on the path towards global success.

...and be part of a community

It takes a village to build a great company! Part of our culture is ‘give to get’. By surrounding yourself with a village of supporters, you dramatically increase your learning speed and chances of success.

Whilst desks, chairs, and facilities are important, community events, weekly rituals, networking and social gatherings are also critical. We offer a range of scheduled activities designed to bring group members closer together to share their journey, network and growth.