Innovation Focus

JCU Ideas Lab provides JCU students, researchers, and the broader community practical pathways to develop as innovators and entrepreneurs. Our program offerings are primarily geared to accelerate high-potential ventures or technologies towards successful uptake and global relevance - we want you to go big!

We have the facilities and the expertise to move ideas through development, validation, and scaling.

JCU Lab Innovation pathway

Create Series: Idea to MVP

We run regular workshop series which gives founders the skills required to conduct customer discovery, ideate, prototype and validate a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). These series are rooted in design thinking and will give staff, students, and community members exposure to:

  • Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Canvas
  • Ideation Processes
  • Customer Discovery
  • Prototyping & Validation

Advanced Founder Program

Members of our community all have the opportunity to apply to our Advanced  Founder Development Program. This program lays the foundation for business growth by providing dedicated support from the JCU Ideas Lab staff.

In the program you will be able to access:

  • Weekly workshops & entrepreneurship sessions
  • Dedicated mentor & coaching hours
  • IP & Commercialisation advice
  • Weekly pitch training
  • Masterclasses
  • Exclusive networking and pitching events