JCU Ideas Lab Collaborate


A place to collaborate...

The JCU Ideas Lab will be a hub for industry collaboration. By leveraging JCU’s deep network of technology partners, we are able to develop and commercialise state of the art technology. The JCU innovation network extends throughout Australia and into Southeast Asia through our Singapore campus.

Whilst we will maintain a global focus, we are also proudly local. We are developing relationships with regional public and private organisations from councils, through to industry groups to ensure we connect new technologies with the right partners.

...and help shape the world

External collaboration can open doors, but it can also create entirely new pathways. We will constantly be asking industry and public bodies what the big, ambitious challenges are which they are seeking to solve. These critical problems will act as seeds for formal Industry Challenges to which we will bring the best minds together to create, connect, and collaborate.

Less formally, we will help guide entrepreneurs or researchers with interesting solutions, towards identified gaps in critical industries where they can make an impact on the world.