Create: From Idea to Market

JCU ideas lab maker space

Do you want to take your great idea to the market?

We all have great ideas however many of us need expertise and mentorship to take a great idea all the way to a product.

This is where we can help you.

Whether you are a JCU student, scientist, researcher, inventor or entrepreneur, the JCU Innovation team can help you design and advance your research, prototype, technology or minimal viable product (MVP) into a business venture no matter what stage of the innovation process you are in.

Our facilities

The JCU Ideas Lab, a world–class innovation hub that supports technology-enabled inventors and innovators throughout ideation, tinkering, making, prototyping, development and deploying of concepts into the market has state-of-the-art maker spaces and supports prototype development, validity testing, coaching and mentoring.

  • Design thinking and workshop ideation spaces
  • Communal co-working spaces in the atrium and along first and second floor verandahs
  • Designated co-working spaces for selected entrepreneurs and startups
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Electrical Engineering and IoT Engineering maker spaces, equipped with:
    • various 3D printers
    • 2D laser cutter
    • LPKF printed circuit board milling machine
    • Festo process control simulation equipment
    • Reflow soldering oven and soldering equipment
    • “Dirty maker space” workshop containing meal lathe, milling machine and a tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding machine