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Persuasion and Communication in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity

Edited by Ben JacksonJames DimmockJosh Compton

How can we use persuasion methods to make people more physically active and improve their sport and exercise experiences? How can instructors, coaches, athletes, and practitioners most effectively communicate their messages to others?

Persuasion and Communication in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity is the first book to consider the applications of persuasion frameworks within activity-related contexts, while also summarising the major developments relating to communication topics in these settings.

It is an important text for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics in the fields of Sport and Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Health and Physical Activity Promotion, and related areas of Psychology.

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PAHL group - 2021 Meetings

All meetings will be held on the final Friday of each month at 3.30pm AEST. Details on location (and video link) will be emailed to PAHL members and speakers close to each meeting date. See schedule below for 2021 agenda.

Feb - David Keatley, Murdoch University - An introduction to Behaviour Sequence Analysis

March - Taylor-Jane Sharouni, JCU - PhD proposal

April - Jessica Muller, JCU - PhD proposal

May - Aaron Simpson - PhD proposal

June - Derwin Chan, Education University of Hong Kong - From Community Service to Scientific Research: A Learn-to-Swim Programme

July - Brian Law, JCU - From PhD into an academic position - lessons and reflections

August - Jasleen Chhabra, JCU - Risk factors for paternal perinatal depression and anxiety

September - Amanda Krause, JCU - Your (online) scholarly identity

October - Aaron Simpson, UWA - Physical activity for children at risk of, or suffering from, mental illness. Phd proposal.

November - TBA

December - No meeting