PAHL Testimonials and awards

Testimonials and awards


“PAHL have proven themselves to be a community-focused, agile team who have a deep desire to connect research to a practical outcome. Their vision, support, and innovation in bringing MAN v FAT Soccer to Australia is one example of the type of work that this team is capable of delivering into the community and showing that research has a practical impact. We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the team and have benefited greatly from their insight and knowledge”

Ian Fitzpatrick, General Manager UWA Sport

“The LiveLighter® team have had the pleasure of working with PAHL over the last year. A fantastic outcome has been the development of a nutrition resource designed specifically for men. The PAHL team provided valuable input on how we could adapt the language used in the resource to better engage the target group. They provided case studies and expert quotes that have helped the resource come to life. This has been an excellent example of the commitment of the PAHL group to translating their research into real-world outcomes.”

Gael Myers, Nutrition Coordinator Cancer Council WA & LiveLighter

“What impresses me about PAHL and their programs is their focus on sustainability. Their programs need to take on a life of their own and so begin with the idea that they should become self-sustaining as soon as practicable. This requires a customer-first mentality which means that community needs are always front and centre of their research.”

Paul Collings, Industry Engagement Manager UWA

“The PAHL team develops projects that have a real impact on members of our community. The team is applying its research in a way that significantly changes people’s lives for the better. We are lucky to have our researchers putting this scientific theory in to practice to benefit Australians young and old. Keep up the great work!”

Halina Dorward, Development & Alumni Relations Manager UWA

“Baldivis Secondary College has been extremely fortunate to have the involvement of the PAHL group with projects and initiatives to support health and wellbeing for members of our school community.  Their research skills and engagement with staff has been excellent.  Their involvement and consistent follow-up has enabled our college to make evidenced-based decisions in moving forward and generated strategies utilised by staff in this very important space.”

Keith Svendsen, Principal Baldivis Secondary College

“Working with PAHL has been a great experience. It was PAHL’s hard work and perseverance—delivering presentations and listening to what we need—that helped benefit our community. PAHL is really making an impact on the health and wellbeing of our men in Cockburn. They really listen to the needs of the community and deliver programs that work in the real world. Great work and thank you!”

Gloria Askander, Health Promotion Officer City of Cockburn

“Working with PAHL has helped to ensure that the Better Health Program continues to meet the needs of West Australian families. Our work with the PAHL group has been invaluable and helped the Better Health Company to better serve the WA community”

Chris Vavakis, WA Project Manager Better Health Company

“I am a huge advocate of the wonderful work PAHL does and what they stand for. As a former professional footballer, I understand the importance of physical exercise for my mental well-being. The transformations of the men involved in the MAN v FAT program highlights the integral part PAHL plays in the community, and I believe they have the power to positively impact thousands of lives here in Australia.”

Mark Lee, Owner / Director Mark Lee Football Coaching


Members of our group have (or the group as a whole has) recently won the following awards by virtue of their work in PAHL:

  • NHMRC Research Fellowship
  • University of Western Australia Innovation Fellow
  • West Australian Young Tall Poppy of the Year
  • University of Western Australia Faculty of Science - Excellence in Media Engagement Award
  • Research Excellence Award, Western Australia Alcohol and Other Drug Conference (in collaboration with others)
  • University of Western Australia Students’ Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • University of Western Australia Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Consistently Excellent Teaching
  • University of Western Australia Excellence in Student Support Award
  • Early Career Distinguished Scholar Award, North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • University of Western Australia Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award.