James Dimmock

James Dimmock is Professor of Psychology at James Cook University, and Adjunct Professor of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia. He helped establish the PAHL group in 2012, and has taken immense pride in watching the growth of the group over the years. In 2020, James moved across Australia to James Cook University in Townsville, helping PAHL to grow its research potential and establish national-level community programming.

James is Deputy Editor of Stress and Health and serves on the editorial boards for multiple journals. He is an Innovation Fellow at the University of Western Australia, a member of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, an affiliate member of the Researchers in Behaviour Sequence Analysis group, and an international faculty member of the Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory. At James Cook University, James is a Research Advisor Mentor, College Ethics Advisor, Chair of the Department of Psychology's research committee and coordinator of the Master of Psychological Science. He coordinates a 4th year unit on the future of psychology, and assists in the teaching of various undergraduate units. He is a recipient of various teaching and research awards.

In his spare time, James spends endless hours cajoling his children away from computer gaming and helping his wife to keep the children alive. He likes barbecues and soccer, and loves to watch his children play anything other than computer games.