Sam Teague

Dr Sam Teague is a Lecturer at James Cook University's Department of Psychology. Sam's research aims to explore the role of technology in family's lives, and how those technologies can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and parents. Her program of research includes monitoring mental health via social media, mobile app-based interventions for depression and anxiety, examining children and adolescents' use of digital media, and exploring emerging intelligent technologies for mental health support. Sam completed her PhD at Monash University's Centre for Developmental Psychology & Psychiatry in 2019, and held a Dean's Postdoctoral Fellowship at Deakin University from 2020-2022. She continues to hold an Honorary Fellow position at Deakin University’s Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development. Her work has been funded by the NHMRC, MRFF Million Minds, and the AHRA National Women's Health Research, Translation and Impact Network (WHRTN). Away from work, you can usually find Sam either in her garden or gaming.