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All students who are enrolled in JCU's Bachelor of Arts have the opportunity to take part in a hands-on experience in the core capstone subject BA3000 ‘Arts Edge’.

Arts Edge offers you the chance to consolidate your skills and reflect on your knowledge in a career development or research capacity.

The flexible structure of the subject allows you to apply your knowledge in a variety of real-world scenarios such as placements, community projects and research projects. This flexibility helps you choose an option that aligns your interests with your future employability or study goals.

BA3000 is a compulsory subject for BA students, which is additional to any placements, projects and fieldwork that are offered as part of your major. However, you can use a placement or internship you have conducted as part of your degree to complete a 40% assessed component in BA3000.

As a JCU Arts, Humanities and Social Science student, you may also get the chance to put what you have learned into practice by joining our hands-on overseas experiences through New Colombo Plan fieldtrips.

For example, journalism students have the opportunity to study for three months at the National University of Samoa where they gain practical experience by working with local newspapers and other media organisations while doing their course work at the National University of Samoa.

Our modern languages program offers majors or minors in French, Japanese, Italian and German. You will be encouraged to take part in an overseas exchange to achieve better fluency and gain a deeper cultural knowledge. For the past six years, we have sent over 60 students to the Pacific Islands (Vanuatu and New Caledonia). Scholarships are available to help cover expenses. We also have semester exchanges with our partner universities in Japan, Germany, Italy, France and New Caledonia.

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