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How to offer a student placement

We aim to help business and industry to engage efficiently and productively with our students through the integration of academic learning with practical skills. Our curriculum incorporates student placements, fieldwork and projects, usually for students in the final year of study.

By offering a placement your business is accepting responsibility to work with JCU to supervise and guide a student for a set period of time. Student placements are generally unpaid, as they form part of a course of study, and there will also be specific learning outcomes that our students are expected to achieve. There is usually a signed agreement between JCU, the student, and their placement provider.

Although student placements vary, there are general considerations and guidelines for potential industry and business employers. Visit our Placement Toolkit for more information. The Australian Government’s Fair Work website is a useful resource to explain the differences between paid and unpaid placements.


Industry projects are a great way to integrate your business needs with the wide range of skills that our students can offer. Projects should be at a suitable level for students who are about to graduate, and may be individual or group-based.

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At JCU we value our partnerships and we assist our students to be adequately prepared and to behave in a professional manner in the workplace.

Our helpful student placement staff are here to assist businesses and organisations to understand how to offer placements and industry projects to our students. Visit the Placement Toolkit for guidelines and other useful information.

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Our Careers and Employability team can help you advertise work opportunities via JCU CareerHub. Visit the Careers and Employability website.