Placements Student stories

Student stories

Placements and projects will be among the most rewarding experiences you will have at JCU.

Work-ready with JCU

Business and Marketing Graduate Andrea Busiko, describes how her JCU internship led to her current job as Tourism Content Coordinator at Townsville Enterprise Limited.

Hands-on experience from year one

Hear Ivy's story and find out about hands-on nursing clinical practice opportunities with JCU.

Social Work students make a difference

Hear from two students who used skills developed on fieldwork placements to find their ideal jobs.

Professional Experience in Education

Kristal Bruniera's professional experience placement at St Anthony's Catholic College in Townsville led to her employment at the school.

Hear about JCU's authentic IT projects

IT student Jane Ganzan explains how her IT project led to practical experience with Cairns Regional Council.

Student placements open doors

Find out how Jack's placement at Victims Assist Queensland helped him secure a job as a Child Safety Officer.