Core skills & expertise

Rapid Assessment Unit Core skills & expertise

The Rapid Assessment Unit comprises staff from the Queensland Government's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (QDAFF) and James Cook University.

James Cook University

  • Instrumentation;
  • Physics; and
  • Mathematics and its application to biological materials.


  • Food Technology;
  • Engineering;
  • Mathematics; and
  • Non-invasive assessment technologies (commenced in the field of NIR Spectroscopy in 1994).

The Rapid Assessment Unit links with selected industry partners such as BRET-TECH to assist in the development and commercialisation of non-invasive technologies to rapidly and non-destructively evaluate agricultural products. BRET-TECH is an established Australian manufacturer, distributor and provider of automated sorting, and packaging systems, that have skills in electrical and mechanical engineering and provides a working practical knowledge of sorting equipment programming and ongoing commercial maintenance.