Rapid Assessment Unit Current Research

Current Research

Currently the Rapid Assessment Unit is conducting research in the areas of horticulture, seafood quality and safety including:

Current projects and future research directions

  • Aging tropical fish otoliths for harvest management
  • Fish flavour assessment
  • Seafood quality and safety assessment
  • Quality attributes of pineapples
  • Quality assessment of dairy products
  • Robotic automation and non-invasive assessment for fruit harvesting and packing.
  • Rapid and non-invasive assessment of horticultural produce for export requirements.

Recent research activities

  • Grading of sweet corn for defects and packaging requirements
  • Grading avocados for maturity (dry matter/oil content) and eating quality
  • Prediction of rot development (shelf life) in avocados for export potential
  • Grading avocados for impact damage (bruises)
  • Assessment of microbial levels in prawns
  • Non-invasive assessment of external and internal quality attributes of brushed potatoes for value adding
  • Rapid assessment of essential oils in sandalwood
  • Kiwi fruit quality grading
  • Quality assessment of mussels
  • Rapid assessment of bioactive compounds in honey
  • Profiling eating quality of mangoes
  • Prediction of Antioxidant levels in Queen Garnet plums
  • Grading sweetness levels in lychee’s
  • Identification of colony and nest of origin of weaver ants
  • Prediction of dietary selectivity in the Green Ringtail Possum
  • Seagrass nutrition assessment
  • Leaf litter assessment