JCU's Research Leaders

JCU is Australia's leading research university with a focus on the tropics. Our world renowned research leaders are highly recognised and have made and continue to make an exceptional contribution to their field or discipline.

Distinguished Professors

A highly distinguished title, the JCU Distinguished Professorship is accorded to eminent professors of exceptional distinction who have made an exceptional contribution to their field or discipline.

Professor Alexandra Y Aikhenvald

Professor Michael Bird

Professor Terry Hughes

Professor William Laurance

Professor Helene Marsh

Professor Philip Pearce

Professor Bob Pressey

Professor David Bellwood

Professor Geoff Jones

Professor Michael Kingsford

Professor Bette Willis

Tropical Leaders

JCU is a world class, research intensive institution located in a unique place in the world. Our regional setting connects us to our communities and commits us to delivering discoveries and graduates that make a sustainable difference to life in the tropics worldwide.

As part of this commitment to a brighter future, in late 2008 JCU launched a national and international search for top-flight researchers. This initiative will build on our growing base of research leaders and cement our reputation as a world leading university for the tropics.

Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald

Professor Komla Tsey

Professor Ian Atkinson

Professor Tom Burkot

Professor Chris Cunneen

Associate Professor Susan Laurance

Professor William Laurance

Professor Alex Loukas

Professor Ton Otto

Professor Nick Smith

Professor Bob Stevenson

Professor Natalie Stoeckl

Australian Research Council Laureate Fellows

The Australian Laureate Fellowships Scheme reflects the Commonwealth’s commitment to support excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to key positions, and creating new rewards and incentives for the application of their talents in Australia.

Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald

Professor Michael Bird

Professor Terry Hughes

Professor William Laurance

NHMRC Fellowship Awardees

An NHMRC Research Fellowship is a five year fellowship supporting leading health and medical researchers in full-time research. The scheme fosters an intellectual environment which supports and builds the capacity of Australian research for the future and in so doing, creates knowledge through investment in research which improves health and thus contributes to Australia's prosperity.

Professor Alan Baxter

Professor Alex Loukas

Professor Jon Golledge

Queensland Health Senior Clinical Research Fellows

Queensland Health offers funding for five years to attract and retain researchers to Queensland who are international leaders in their field.

Professor Jon Golledge

Professor Robyn McDermott