TESS About us

About us

The Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science (TESS) is based at JCU, Australia's leading tropical research university.

Our mission is to promote cutting-edge ecological and environmental research in the tropics, and the wise management, conservation and sustainable use of tropical terrestrial and coastal ecosystems, in Australia and internationally.

Outstanding research

TESS research addresses the pressing, complex, trans-disciplinary and interconnected issues of S3D – Sustainability Science and Sustainable Development – across the tropical world.

JCU is the only Australian university to receive the highest ranking of 5 (well above World Standard) in Environmental Science and Management in the Australian Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment for every round.

JCU's unique location enables researchers and students from Australia and overseas to work in a diverse physical environment unparalleled by any university in the world. Nowhere else is it possible to visit reef, rainforest and savanna in a single day, returning to world-class laboratory facilities in a vibrant and attractive tropical city.

TESS in a snapshot

165 Researchers - TESS researchers currently number over 100, drawn from four JCU Colleges and affiliated members from other institutions.

1,193 Publications - Our collaborations are global. Our publications reach high-impact journals, such as Science and Nature.

8 Facilities - JCU has well equipped field stations and analytical facilities close to World Heritage reef and rainforest areas and a range of drier tropical savannahs.