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TESS seminars feature international, Australian, and local JCU researchers whose work falls within Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. Speakers are typically established or postdoctoral researchers.

Where: Crowther Lecture Theatre A03-003 (JCU Nguma-bada Campus, Smithfield)

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When: Wednesdays on the advertised date and time

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Time: 4pm to 5pm (AEST)

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If you are hosting a visitor or would like to give a seminar, please contact the seminar coordinator, Dr Yoko Ishida by email to yoko.ishida@jcu.edu.au

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Wednesday 3rd March,  2021, 4PM (AEST)

Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) – applying the global standard for area conservation in Australia

GOLO MAURER ( KBA Program Leader, BirdLife Australia)


In 2021 a new framework for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity will be created recognizing the critical role of habitat conservation in stopping extinctions. KBAs identified to the IUCN’s scientific standard is likely to be a central element of this framework guiding philanthropic and government action. Secondly, promoting their conservation by government, community and the private sector.

Based on BirdLife Australia’s Important Bird Areas and Alliance for Zero Extinction sites 334 KBAs have already been identified in Australia. These are home to c. 1,000 or 60% of Australia’s threatened taxa. The KBA National Coordination Group works with scientists to expand this network taxonomically and geographically. Australia’s current KBA network covers only 5.4% of the country’s land mass. An extended KBA network can provide a blueprint for the 30 by 30 goal of protecting 30% of the world’s land mass by 2030 that ensures that the areas protected are also the ones most critical for the persistence of biodiversity.

For existing KBAs BirdLife Australia runs a KBA-Guardian volunteer program to monitor KBA health and support on-ground conservation, education and local advocacy. Over 100 KBA-Guardians are assessing Australia’s KBAs and have identified 23 KBAs in Danger of losing their threatened species mainly due to water mismanagement, invasive species, development and inappropriate fire regimes.

The strength of KBAs comes not from formal protection necessarily but from creating an internationally recognised focal point for conservation action and collaboration based on scientific and traditional knowledge. The challenge is to identify these sites and generate the capacity for their conservation.

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