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TESS Seminars

TESS Seminar Series 2022

TESS seminars feature international, Australian, and local JCU researchers whose work falls within Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. Speakers are typically established or postdoctoral researchers.

Where: JCU Cairns, Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield (Crowther Lecture Theatre A03-003)

When: Wednesdays on the advertised date and time

Who: All are welcome

Time: 4 pm to 5 pm (AEST)

Followed by drinks & nibbles

COVID-19 safe measures guidelines of Queensland Government's roadmap to easing restrictions

*The seminars is also live streamed on Zoom and YouTube:

If you are hosting a visitor or would like to give a seminar, please contact the seminar coordinator, Dr Yoko Ishida by email to

2022 TESS ANNUAL SCIENCE MEETING (2, 3 of  November) - Save the date!

Next Seminar

Sociality in a changing world

When: 25 May, 2022 @4pm (AEST) | Dr Lyanne Brouwer | Lecturer, (JCU Bebegu Yumba)

Where: live and in person from the Crowther Theatre (A3.003, JCU Nguma-bada campus, Smithfield)

Abstract: Social animals typically occur in viscous populations where limited dispersal allows individuals to benefit from cooperating with relatives. Despite these benefits, living with kin inevitably leads to competition for food and space, and may cause inbreeding with associated costs for populations. In this talk Lyanne will present results from long-term field studies, experiments and comparative approaches showing some of the sophisticated behaviours that birds have evolved to deal with these issues, which may help them to cope with ongoing environmental change.

Biography: Lyanne Brouwer is a behavioural ecologist with a particular interest in social behaviour of animals, and how such animals adapt to environmental change, like climate change and urbanization. After completing her PhD at the U. of Groningen, Netherlands she stayed at institutes in Norway, Germany and the UK. She subsequently moved to ANU and established a new field-based study system on fairy-wrens to study the risk of inbreeding in social species, initially supported through a Rubicon fellowship from the NL and subsequently by an ARC DECRA. A EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship brought her to Radboud University (NL) to study how urbanization affects avian population dynamics, before returning to Australia, where she is now lecturer in Zoology & Ecology at JCU Townsville.

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