TESS Our Research Capacity Building and Engagement for Sustainable Development

Capacity Building and Engagement for Sustainable Development

Sustainable advances in human dignity, human-environmental interactions and sustainable development agendas in Northern Australia and Tropical World.


JCU’s commitment to support and promote the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through teaching, research and university practice has been endorsed as a university-wide agenda.

For many years, the University has taken a leading role in sustainable development research and practice.

Mission and Statement

As emphasised by the SDGs, sustainably advancing human dignity and wellbeing within our planetary boundaries demands interdisciplinary thinking, multi-sectoral participation, and intersectional processes.

This TESS Flagship seeks to address human-environment interactions from an ethical-ecological standpoint, that brings together social and environmental sciences to promote inclusive capacity building and strategic engagement activities.

The Flagship seeks to advance sustainable development agendas in Northern Australia and the Tropical World across a range of sectors, including: Governance and Policy; Indigenous Futures; Education for Sustainable Development; Sustainable Urbanism; Inclusive Growth; Gender Equity; Sustainable Livelihoods; and Public Health.

In this Flagship project, we seek to:

  • advance and demonstrate JCU’s commitment to the SDGs.
  • build the TESS Community of Practice (COP) by better engaging with outsider disciplines and alternative ways of thinking.
  • provide a platform for uniting the wide range of scholars across JCU working in the field of global and sustainable development.
  • demonstrate community and policy research impact on advancing sustainable futures in Northern Australia and the Tropics.

Research Team