VAVS Home Help Novara 8 button control (CI)

AV Control D3-058

Mediaswitch and AV Control

Rooms D3-058

push button control

To turn the system on, press the On button

  1. To connect an analogue laptop to the system, connect the VGA cable to the laptop and then push the VGA button on the control. Plug the audio cable into the laptop headphone socket (3.5mm stereo).

  2. To connect a digital laptop or any other device with an HDMI socket, connect the HDMI cable to the device and push the HDMI button on the control. You may need to enable the audio through HDMI on your laptop if audio out is required.

The volume is controlled by the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and can be muted altogether by pushing the Audio Mute button

analogue and digital av connect cables

Press the Off button to turn the system off