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JCU Videoconference rooms

Video conference rooms.

Select a room from a drop-down menu and click on the GO button to show you a virtual view a centrally bookable video conference room and its associated AV equipment as well as some useful support links to assist you in using the audio visual equipment.

JCU Room Finder

Use the JCU Room Finder to assist you in finding a suitable room, which best suits your needs.

  1. Enter the search parameters as per your requirements
  2. A list of rooms matching the search will be shown
  3. Click on the Virtual View link to view the room and its associated equipment list as well as some useful guides.

Video conference enabled rooms at other locations

Web Room Booker

The Web Room Booker (WRB) is a self-serve automatic room reservation system

For all external videoconference bookings or bookings which cannot be made via the WRB, please