VAVS Home Help Novara 8-button control (with amp)

Novara 8-button control (with amp)

AV-control with separate amplifier

Please note the button layout may differ from room to room.

novara keypad

Select the media you will be using for the presentation by pressing the corresponding button on the media selector. If a button is flashing on the Media Selector, please do not press any buttons until the flashing has stopped. The flashing action indicates the projector is going through a warm-up or cool-down stage which takes 3-5 minutes.

The links below will take you to a page with instructions for each button:

  • Main PC = Dell Desktop PC
  • Laptop PC
  • Visualiser (document camera)
  • Video = VHS/DVD players are being phased out. DVDs are best played in the Desktop PC.
  • Picture Blank – deselects the media source without turning the projector off/

The equipment timeout is set for 3 hours continuous use after which all the equipment will switch off automatically. In the event this occurs, please wait until the buttons on the panel stop flashing and then make your selection again.

The Volume Up and Volume Down buttons control the playback volume in the room.

Ensure the Desktop or Laptop PC audio is not muted and that its volume is turned up if there is an audio component on the computer/laptop presentation.