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Control PowerPoint with iClickr



If you are looking for a solution to control the PowerPoint presentation on your computer from an external device, consider installing iClickr. This application runs both on Windows and Apple computers and is easy to install.

To install, download the application to your computer and then install the iClickr application for your phone (iPhone, Android etc). Works best when run over a wireless network and only requires the two devices be connected to the same wireless network.

iClickr lite is a free version with limitations of the maximum number of PowerPoint slides per presentation and without the facility to show presenter’s notes etc.

iClickr full version features

  • Complete control of your PowerPoint presentation including animations

  • View your slides and slide notes directly on your phone during presentation

  • Navigate through your slides with finger swipes and taps

  • Grab your audience’s attention with real-time annotations (Windows only)

  • Help you track your presentation time with on-board clock

  • Set presentation alarm so that your phone will alert you with a silent buzz before your time runs out

  • Pause and resume presentations

  • Switch between multiple slideshows

  • Work with both Windows and Mac Office, iWork ’09 Keynote on Mac and OpenOffice on Windows

  • Easy to set up with zero configuration

  • No additional cost when using with multiple host computers


  • On Windows, support all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint from Office XP to the latest Office 2010

  • On Mac OS X, Office Max 2004, 2008, 2011 or iWork ’09 Keynote is required

  • WiFi connection between the host PC and your phone is required

  • Also support the FREE OpenOffice 3.1 on Windows