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Document Camera ELMO P100

User guide - ELMO P100

The visualizers or document cameras have to a large extent replaced the Over Head Projectors and are wired into the VAVS switching controls for ease of use. They can be used to show documents, handwritten notes, book pages, objects of interest and much much more more. Your imagination is the limit!

elmo p100 doc cam

Turn the document camera on by pressing the round button surrounded by a blue circle on the document camera tray. The lamp and camera positions can be changed manually by moving the individual arm and head.


elmo p11 doc cam ctrl

A preview is shown in the window marked ELMO in the image above.

  • Optimize the camera image by pressing the Text button or Graphics button.

  • The illuminator light can be turned off and on by pressing the Lamp button.

  • Adjust the brightness as required (- or + button).

  • Turn the ZOOM control to enlarge or shrink the object size.

  • Ensure the Camera button is lit.