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Document Camera Lumens PS760

User guide - Lumens PS760

The visualizers or document cameras have to a large extent replaced the Over Head Projectors and are wired into the AV switching controls for ease of use. They can be used to show documents, handwritten notes, book pages, objects of interest and much more. Your imagination is the limit!

lumens ps760 doc cam

The positioning of the two lamps can be changed manually by moving the individual arms.

The key features of this device are:

  • High Definition (1080p, WXGA, SXGA and XGA)

  • 20x optical zoom

  • HDMI output

Control buttons:

ps760 control


POWER – press the button to turn on/off

Stand-by, indicated by a red glow around the button

On, indicated by a blue glow around the button

auto tune


Press to automatically set best focus and brightness


LAMP - The lamp has three settings – press the button to change

  1. Arm Lamp (from above)

  2. Backlight

  3. Off


VGA 1 – The unit defaults to the camera being lit up

Press the button to change if necessary


Brightness and zoom

[BRT+]  increase brightness
[BRT-] decrease brightness

[ZOOM+] zoom in
[ZOOM-] zoom out