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Commercial Rates and charges.

Videoconference charges

Single videoconferencing system with associated input and display equipment

  • $220 for the first hour

  • $110/hour after the first hour

Multisite Calls (3 or more sites)

  • $55/hour/additional site

Line Charges

  • ISDN and telephone line usage charged according to carrier rates for the conference and prior line testing. The longer the distance and greater the bandwidth, the higher the rate.

Initial instruction and test of connection

  • Included in the room hire price if between 8am and 4pm

Technical support after hours

  • $82.50/hour (a minimum of 4 hours is charged)


  • Written notification of cancellation is required prior to the scheduled conference start time. Cancellations attract the following charges and any additional charges incurred by JCU on the clients behalf.

Less than 24 hours notice = 100% of charges for the first hour of the booking.

Less than 72 hours notice = 25 % of charges for the first hour of the booking.


  • To discuss discount rates for extended or complex conferences and community organizations please contact us.