Career Ready Plan Evidence your strengths

Evidence your strengths

Be mindful of the strengths (knowledge, skills, experience and attributes) you are gaining through your university studies, workplace experiences, professional development and activities outside of university.

  • Keep a record of your activities throughout your studies.
  • Reflect on how you have developed your strengths through each of these experiences.
  • Add evidence of relevant experiences and strength development to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or ePortfolio.
  • Gain endorsements from employers, placement supervisors and professional colleagues and promote this through channels such as your LinkedIn profile, resume, personal blog.
  • Be ready to talk confidently about your relevant strengths and interests. Develop a short pitch for potential employers summarising who you are professionally (eg. final semester Bachelor of Business majoring in ..) your interests (relevant to your career) and your biggest selling points (relevant key accomplishments and strengths).

If you need help with how to evidence your strengths, book an appointment with JCU Careers and Employability for assistance.