Career Ready Plan Fine tune your application skills

Fine tune your application skills

Ensure you are confident and capable of writing professional job applications. Polish your interview skills to ensure you shine at interviews.  JCU Careers and Employability resources and support can help ensure you are successful when applying for graduate positions, placements, internships and other work opportunities.


  • Use Careers and Employability resources such as the degree relevant resume templates
  • Book an appointment with one of the Careers team for one-on-one coaching and feedback.
  • JCU's Big Interview combines training and practice to help improve your interview skills and build confidence.
  • Practice answering the following questions so you can talk confidently about them to employers: What inspired you to pursue your degree/career? How have your experiences to date (volunteer and placement experiences) shaped your values and preferences? What are your strengths and skills?
  • Complete the Master Written Applications or the 'Interviews and Recruitment Processes' modules in JCU Employability Edge to develop confidence with preparing job applications and performing at interviews.
  • Identify common interview questions for your industry area and gain advice from your contacts working in the field on how to best answer them.