Career Ready Plan Show initiative, get involved

Show initiative, get involved

Employers look for well-rounded applicants who collaborate, show initiative, have a variety of interests and can balance work and life sustainably. Participate in activities and events at JCU and in the wider community.


  • Get to know your lecturers, tutors, student mentors and fellow students as they are valuable contacts now and in the future.
  • Join or start a JCU student club or society.
  • Be involved in a community group or community activities and events, such joining a sporting team.
  • Volunteer in a field that interests you. Volunteering is a great way to show causes you care about and demonstrate your values in action.
  • Compete in student competitions. Employers will be impressed to hear your stories about your initiative and problem solving developed through these challenges.
  • Consider applying for a leadership role within one of your activities. Leadership experience is highly valued and can set you apart from other applicants.
  • Aim to become a Student Mentor in your second year to develop communication and leadership skills. These voluntary positions require you to share your knowledge and experience with new students to help them transition through their first year at university.
  • Consider a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) Leader position. These paid positions, available to JCU students in their second, third and fourth year, require you to facilitate group discussions central to helping students gain a deeper understanding of course concepts.
  • Consider a Peer Advisor position. These paid positions are available to JCU students in their final year and require you to refer students to academic and support services, and online support resources.
  • Consider a Student Ambassador position. These paid positions are available to JCU students and require you to represent JCU at events to inspire others to consider tertiary education.