Career Ready Plan Develop your professional identity

Develop your professional identity

Develop your professional identity as you progress through your studies. Aim to increase your visibility to employers. Create  a strong professional presence both online and in person. As a professional in training, ensure you present as a future professional in your field and make a good impression in all your communications.


  • Complete the Develop Your Professional Identity module in Employability Edge.
  • Establish a presence online. Create a LinkedIn profile and highlight your unique qualities. Regularly update your profile with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and achievements you are gaining.
  • Demonstrate that you are contributing to your future profession. Actively participate on LinkedIn, share content, contribute to group discussions, post updates of your activities and achievements, follow companies or influencers of interest and join interest groups.
  • Visit LinkedIn HelpLinkedIn Profile Checklist and Building a Great Student profile for advice on how to maximise your use of LinkedIn as a career development tool.
  • Create a personal website or blog.
  • Follow employers of interest social media.
  • Google yourself. What does your digital footprint say about you?
  • Ensure you keep your privacy settings tight on social media you do not wish an employer to view.
  • If you need help with how to develop your professional presence, book an appointment with JCU Careers and Employability for assistance.