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Douresha Drepaul (Mauritius)

1. Why did you choose to study at James Cook University?

I completed my undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts (English major), at James Cook University in 2020. My bachelors course lasted for three years during which I received a lot of support from the university staff as well as from the international student support team. I chose to study a Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying) at JCU because of the diversity of courses and also because of the cultural sensitiveness of the university. The support, genuine consideration and care are some of the reasons why I chose to undertake my at the Townsville campus.

2. What has been the highlight of your study experience at James Cook University so far?

The highlight of my time at the university has been my involvement in the Queensland Student Advisory Panel, which has given me a platform to represent the university and the students of the university. My involvement with the Queensland Student Advisory Panel started in 2020 and the aim on the panel is to advocate for the needs of students in Queensland. The panel comprised of international and domestic students from various universities across Queensland and so, the variety of ideas on international education related policies were rich.

Douresha Drepaul.

Douresha Drepaul at her Bachelor of Arts graduation from James Cook University in 2020.

3. What are your career goals?

I enjoy the way my masters course provides us with real expected standards and policies. I find that this instills a sense of accountability from the start of our studies. Accountability is essential in the social work field. My course is structured around understanding the challenges of working in difficult areas. I have had the chance to apply this through a placement at a counselling and support service for women escaping domestic violence. This has taught me to remain accountable and professional while also being able to direct compassion and empathy in a helpful way. My career goal is to work in a domestic violence high-risk unit.

4. What piece of advice would you like to share with any international students considering James Cook University?

The best advice I can give to international students is to not hesitate to ask for help or ask to be connected with other international students. The University’s international student support team is an incredible support system.