Subject Search help

How do I find my subject?

If you want to find more information about a particular subject, you can search the subject code in Subject Search.

Type the subject code (e.g. CU1010) in the Search for field and click Search

The subject will appear. It will also show the study period it is offered in, campus and study mode. Click on the subject link to view more information about the subject.

How do I search for subjects within a certain field/discipline?

You may want to find a subject in a particular field, such as photography or sociology. To do this:

1. Go to subject codes and prefixes

  • This list shows all the different disciplines you can choose from
  • Choose a discipline you are interested in and note the two letter prefix – for example, sociology's prefix is 'SY'

2. Type 'SY' in the search field, and add the number '1', so 'SY1'. This means you want to search for all level 1 sociology subjects.

3. To refine it further you can select the campus, study period and attendance mode from the drop down boxes.

4. Click 'Search'. Your subjects will display.

How do I search all subjects for my year level, campus or study mode?

You may want to browse all subjects offered in your year level, which can be refined further by selecting your campus or study mode (internal/external).

1. In the 'Search for' field, type '__%', and add your year level (for example, __1% means all level 1 subjects).

2. You can refine the search further, by selecting you preferred:

a. Campus

b. Attendance mode (e.g. external or block mode subjects)

c. Study Period

3. Click 'Search'. Your subjects will display.