State of the Tropics Interactive Summary

State of the Tropics 2020 Interactive Summary

The world has continued to change rapidly since the publication of the inaugural State of the Tropics report in 2014. This is particularly true for the Tropics. Cities have kept growing, more people have escaped extreme poverty, and people are healthier and living longer than ever before. However, improvement has not been uniform. Persistent pockets of extreme poverty remain throughout the Tropics, undernourishment is increasing and climate emissions continue to rise. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has affected the world in an unprecedented way and is already having a major impact on the health and economic systems in tropical countries. Refocusing the world’s attention on the Tropics is more important than ever.

It is now ideal time to assess the opportunities and challenges facing the tropical region once again. It is time to systematically assess the state of the region, to take stock and to develop the means to work towards a common future that recognises the potential of this dynamic and diverse region. This report offers an extensive exploration of key environmental, social and economic indicators, to assess progress in the tropical world and answer the question: Is life in the Tropics still getting better?