State of the Tropics Publications 2019 State of the Tropics report

2019 State of the Tropics report

Health in the Tropics - A State of the Tropics Report

Published 27 June 2019

The Tropics is at the nexus of biodiversity loss, climate change, emerging and persistent infectious diseases, rising non-communicable diseases, and globalisation.

This report takes stock of the current and historical status of health and wellbeing across different regions of the Tropics. It presents a broad ranging, statistical analysis of a set of indicators relating to health, based on data collated from existing datasets from several authoritative, multi-lateral sources including United Nations agencies, The World Bank, and World Health Organization. This report considers infectious disease, non-communicable disease, maternal and child health, mental Illness, substance abuse, and accident and injury. It also explores the health workforce in the Tropics.

Human health and wellbeing is central to the prosperity, sustainability and stability of human communities in the Tropics.