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Research Support staff

Maria Andrade-Martinez

Maria works in the MACRO Biorefinery program, assessing the biochemical composition of macroalgal biomass. She also works in the Human Health and Nutrition program.

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Julie Goldsbury

Julie undertakes technical research activities in relation to the detection of pathogens in the black tiger prawn and other aquaculture species, along with analyses to determine DNA-based parentage.

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Melissa Joyce

Melissa provides support to the CSTFA Director and students within the Fishing & Fisheries Research Team. She has previously worked and studied within the aquaculture department on freshwater crayfish and grouper nutrition.

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Dr Tze Loon Neoh

Dr Tze Loon Neoh leads the MACRO Human Health and Nutrition group. Loon is involved in the post-harvest processing and analysis of the biochemical composition of biomass from macroalgae to develop various industry products.

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Sandra Hughes

Sandra is a Research Project Officer. She provides information, operational and administrative support services to the Director and other executive personnel within the ARC ITRH and assists with special projects and initiatives.

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