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Our Research

Research within the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA) focuses not only on the aquatic and aquaculture systems that produce food, but also the industries and communities that utilise them.

Multidisciplinary collaborations between our researchers provide the synergies to address substantial research problems in a way that individual research groups cannot. CSTFA provides research outputs for sustainable food production to local, state, federal and international resource managers, both in government and in the private sector. Thus, making us a key player in helping secure aquatic food production in the tropics for future generations.

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Aquaculture Research

The Aquaculture team within the CSTFA focus on genetics, nutrition, aquatic animal health, physiology, hatchery production, algae, husbandry, post-harvest processing and sustainable practices.

Fisheries Science and Human Dimensions

Researchers work to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits of wild fisheries and ensure the long-term sustainability of aquatic resources in Australia and the tropics worldwide.

Aquatic Animal Health

Research which enables fisheries, aquaculture and Australian quarantine to make informed decisions in regards to stock structure, disease management and import regulations.

Seafood and Human Health

Researching the interaction of immunogenic proteins from food sources including fish, crustacean, mollusc and parasites with the human immune system leading to allergic and inflammatory reactions.