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Postgraduate students

Jon Irish Aquino

Development of redclaw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus) intensive breeding techniques for commercial crayling production – Sperm technologies

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Phoebe Arbon

Investigating the significance of viral pathogens on black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)aquaculture production”

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Varsha Balu

Varsha's project explores the role of early on-farm pathogen detection as a means to manage and ultimately prevent disease outbreaks in aquaculture systems. Her project will determine if early pathogen detection using eDNA, eRNA and environmental proteins can help us understand the disease outbreak triggers of Cryptocaryon irritans (Marine Ich) in barramundi aquaculture.

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Angelique Hoffmann

Angelique is interested in the apparition of toxin genes in Australia: where do they come from, how to predict gene expression and what are the main triggers for gene expression? Angelique is looking at historical samples over 30 years, collected from different aquaculture species in the hope to detect toxin genes.

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Photo of Roy Barkan

Roy Barkan

Roy is working on one of the major issues that abalone populations are facing – mass mortality events which mainly occur during summer months and referred as ‘summer mortality’. He is exploring the genetic mechanisms that might be responsible for heat resistance.

Rebecca Diggins

Turtles and tourists without borders: assessing tourism management options for green sea turtles in a Pacific island nation

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Photo of Lily Donnelly

Lily Donnelly

Conserving Koalas: Developing a standardised genomic tool with koala and pathogen markers, and distribution-wide database to benefit koala management across Australia

Ketki Jog

Ketki is studying the interactions between Indian Ocean humpback dolphins and fisheries along the west coast of India.

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Nur un Nesa

Nesa’s Ph.D. research project seeks to characterise female broodstock fertility and improve hatchery productivity by developing tools to assess egg and embryo quality, induce gonadal maturation and egg release, and produce high-quality juveniles in redclaw crayfish.

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Joe Perkins

Joe is researching ciguatera fish poisoning along the Great Barrier Reef using molecular methods.

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Bethany Smith

Bethany's aims to tackle conceptual limitations associated to risk assessments applied in the context of livelihoods. By applying the approach to small-scale fishing communities, her work aims to support community capacity for sustainable livelihoods development and adaptation to locally relevant hazards, focusing on extractive resource activities (e.g., logging and fishing).

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Photo of Megan Moran

Megan Moran

Working to optimise commercial traits through genome editing in farmed barramundi