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Professor Jan Strugnell

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture



+61 7 4781 6357

Jan applies next generation sequencing tools to help solve bottlenecks in fisheries and aquaculture industries. Her laboratory group is investigating population differentiation, recruitment and adaptation in a range of lobster species.

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Associate Professor Amy Diedrich

Deputy Director of the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture



+61 7 4781 4627

Amy is an environmental social scientist, focusing on understanding the interactions between people and marine environments. Specifically, she seeks to identify socio-economic and cultural factors that influence sustainable livelihoods.

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Dr Jane Addison




Dr Addison is a social-ecological systems scientist, and senior lecturer. Her research interests include environmental/social and economic trade-offs in development, development futures, resource institutions, the livelihood/conservation nexus, off-reserve conservation and strategies for managing variability and uncertainty.

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Prof David Bourne

Professor, Promotional Chair, Marine Biology



+61 7 4781 4790

David Bourne has a joint position as a Senior Lecturer at James Cook University in Townsville and Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). His training is in the area of molecular microbial ecology with his research focused on investigation of microbial diversity, structure and function in complex ecosystems.

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Dr Reniel Cabral

Senior Lecturer, Fisheries




Dr. Cabral combines ecological and economic theories and methods, big data analytics, and computation to find solutions to fisheries and conservation problems. He is particularly interested in problems where science and scientific innovations can help overcome bottlenecks to effectively address fisheries and conservation challenges.

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Dr Andrew Chin

Research Fellow FRDC Shark Report Card



+61 7 4781 4486

Andrew works on assessments of Australia shark and rays species and their management. He also has research interests in integrating traditional knowledge and management systems into mainstream fisheries management.

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Dr Kelly Condon




+61 7 4781 6842

Dr Kelly Condon specialises in the discipline of aquatic animal health, with a focus on viral and bacterial diseases of tropical aquaculture species

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Dr Mark Cyrus

Lecturer, Aquaculture Macroalgae




Dr. Cyrus is passionate about preserving the marine environment and its resources, particularly unlocking its’ potential for aquaculture development in a sustainable manner. His research focus is largely on new species development (particularly low tropic species), and the incorporation of macroalgae to improve many aspects of aquaculture production including larval settlement, feed development, and the recycling of nutrients for alternative crops through Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture…

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Dr Leo Foyle

Senior Lecturer



+61 7 4781 6647

Dr Foyle works within the production and hygiene of foods of animal origin, food security and subsistence farming, production animal disease, welfare at slaughter, zoonoses and biosecurity.

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Professor Dean Jerry

Promotional Chair, Aquaculture



+61 7 4781 5586

Since joining JCU, Dean has built an internationally recognised research group with a major focus on the development of genetic tools and knowledge to inform selective breeding programs for aquaculture species.

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Dr David Jones


Dr. Dave Jones is a researcher specializing in using genomics within advanced breeding programs for aquaculture species.

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Dr Naomi Gardiner

Senior Lecturer

Naomi's research explores the drivers of coral reef and coastal ecosystem function in order to improve livelihoods and food security in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly coastal and island based fishery dynamics in Indonesia.

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Dr April Hall

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


April's research activities explore fundamental concepts of coral reef fish ecology, with a particular focus on marine parks management and conservation of coral reef fish communities.

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Dr Neil Hutchinson

Senior Lecturer Environmental Science, JCU Singapore


Neil's research focuses on how mobile organisms utilise often heavily impacted coastal habitats, such as mangroves and seagrass beds. He is currently examining the ecology of mesopredators, including bamboo sharks, in these systems.

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Associate Professor Katheline Hua

Principal Research Fellow Aquaculture, JCU Singapore


Katheline's primary research interest is to optimal fish feed formulations to promote fish growth and nutrient utilisation. One of her expertise areas is nutritional modelling.

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Dr Clive Jones

Principal Research Fellow



+61 4232 1430

Clive is an internationally recognised expert in the aquaculture of rock lobster and freshwater crayfish. At JCU he leads research projects that are developing aquaculture production technology for commercial application.

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Dr Sandip Kamath

AITHM Research Fellow



+61 7 4781 4846

Sandip's research focuses on the characterisation of allergenic proteins from different food and inhalant sources and their interaction with the human immune system through IgE antibodies.

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Professor Andreas Lopata

Personal Chair, leads the Molecular Allergy Research Laboratory



+61 7 4781 4563

Prof Lopata’s research examines the interactions of immunogenic proteins from different food sources including marine invertebrates with the human immune system leading to allergic reactions.

Dr Leo Nankervis

Senior Lecturer, Aquaculture



+61 7 4781 6524

Leo’s research interests include using physiology to solve commercially relevant production bottlenecks, raw materials for aquafeeds, nutrient requirements, digestive processes in aquatic organisms, taste and palatability.

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Photo of Associate Professor Leigh Owens

Associate Professor Leigh Owens

Adjunct Associate Professor



+61 7 4781 4632

Leigh is Australia's foremost aquatic animal disease specialist. His research focuses on bacteriophages, paroviruses and nodaviruses of fish and crustacea, with RNA interference as a control.

Dr David Mills

Research Fellow



+61 7 4781 6747

Originally from Tasmania, David joined WorldFish in Malaysia in 2006 working on projects relating to fisheries information systems, governance, fisheries and food security, and aquaculture development in Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines, and Solomon Islands. Since returning to Australia in 2011, David has been a visiting scholar at JCU, and has led the development of the WorldFish research program in Timor-Leste, currently employing 30 staff…

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Associate Professor Damien Paris

Reproductive Physiology



+61 7 4781 6006

Damien is a biologist with interests that include developing assisted reproductive technologies for animal production, and studying the impact of adverse environmental conditions on fertility.

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Professor Marcus Sheaves

Coastal Ecosystem Ecologist



+61 7 4781 4144

Marcus' research interests include understanding the nursery ground value of coastal systems for fisheries species, and reconciliation of tropical coastal ecosystem health and resilience with sustainable fishing industry.

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Associate Professor Chaoshu Zeng

Research Leader



+61 7 4781 6237

Chaoshu's research interests include: culture techniques for commercial crustaceans and marine ornamentals; ecophysiology and behaviour of crustacean larvae and juveniles; and toxicology of effluent water to aquatic animals.

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Professor Kyall Zenger

Head of Marine Science and Aquaculture



+61 7 4781 6532

Kyall has more than 20 years’ experience conducting research and teaching within the disciplines of applied animal production and quantitative / evolutionary genetics on both aquatic and terrestrial animals.

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Associate Professor Jennifer Blair (Adjunct)


Associate Professor Blair actively engages in sharing research results and novel technologies with students, industry, and scientists through workshops and practical training. She is passionate about equipping students and doing research that both contribute to the sustainable and profitable growth of the aquaculture industry.

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Professor Colin Simpfendorfer (Adjunct)

Adjunct Professor, Personal Chair



+61 7 4781 5287

Colin has more than 25 years of experience in researching sharks, and has published extensively in the scientific literature on shark biology, ecology, fisheries and conservation.

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