Timetables and Room Booking

Staff Timetables and Room Booking

There are two timetable releases per year:

  • November for 'teaching period 1' (study periods 1 and 3 to 6)
  • May for 'teaching period 2' (study periods 2 and 7 to 11)

Staff can review Class Timetables or make room bookings using the Web Room Booker (WRB). All rooms, except some specialised labs, are able to be booked or requested through this system. Staff are required to use the WRB for all non-teaching bookings.

If you have any problems or need further help that is not covered below, please email timetable@jcu.edu.au. For any timetable queries please contact your College Academic Services team.

Students can access an overview of the Class Timetable by clicking on the relevant timetable button. The Class Timetable is an important tool for planning enrolment and class registration, please note that the Class Timetable could change and until Class Registration is available and you have a timetable on eStudent please check here before finalising outside commitments.

Information sheets are available below, if you are still having problems viewing or understanding the timetable please contact Student Services or your College.

Facilities for hire, JCU welcomes inquiries on the use of its facilities for meetings, conferences, staff training, planning days and other events.

For further information or to make application to hire JCU facilities please see below. If you have any questions or would like help with room selection, quotes or other details please email timetable@jcu.edu.au.

Timetable help and resources

Web Room Booker and facilities for hire