Timetables and Room Booking (Staff)

Staff Timetables and Room Booking

Timetables and Room Booking (Staff)

Staff can review class timetables and make room bookings using the Web Room Booker (WRB) for 2018. All rooms, except some specialised labs, can be booked or requested through this system.

Staff are required to use the WRB for all non-teaching bookings. Note, a VPN connection is required if you wish to access the timetable system when working off-campus.

There are two timetable releases per year:

  • November for 'teaching period 1' (study periods 1 and 3 to 6)
  • May for 'teaching period 2' (study periods 2 and 7 to 11)

If you have any problems or need further help that is not covered below, email timetable@jcu.edu.au. For any timetable queries, please contact your College Academic Services team.

Timetables, guides and forms

Previous timetables

View current and download previous years timetables below:

Form for timetable access

Download the form below for timetable access:

Timetable guides

Download timetable help guides:

Web Room Booker (WRB) guides

Download the WRB help guides below:

  • Full User Guide (PDF, 1595 KB)
  • Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 288 KB)
  • WRB Bookable Rooms (PDF, 56 KB)
  • WRB Information and Tips (PPTX, 1287 KB)
  • 2018 Bookable Locations List (PDF, 194 KB)