Internal Room Bookings

MULTI MODAL STUDIO (506-117) BOOKINGS:  Currently, the MMS does not have the ability to connect via video conferencing or zoom. This issue is under investigation.

IMPORTANT: If you are off campus, please ensure that you are connected to the JCU network via the VPN, otherwise you will be directed to the timetable page. For details on how to connect to the VPN, please click here.

EVENT BOOKINGS:  Once your booking has been confirmed and you have received your booking confirmation number, please email for Townsville room bookings, or for Cairns room bookings.

Internal Room Bookings (Staff)

Prior to making a room booking, please review the Live Timetable for room availability.

Staff are able to view bookable locations via the Room Viewer tool.

All teaching activities must be timetabled through Scheduling Services via your Business Partner.

If you are unable to book a room or require assistance, please submit a Service Now request for the team to action.

Internal Room Bookings (Students)

Students who wish to book a location on one of JCU Campuses will need to contact their College or through the JCU Student Association, if affiliated. Room booking requests for students are not to be sent directly to the Scheduling Services Team for action.

Room Booking Principles

  • All video conference locations are available for booking by request in the Web Room Booker, as per Department details in the location description.
  • All non-video conference meeting rooms are available for immediate booking in the Web Room Booker, as per Department details in the location description.
  • All teaching locations are available for booking by request in the Web Room Booker.
  • Dual purpose locations i.e., classrooms/meeting rooms have been classified to their primary purpose.

All teaching rooms (with the exception of some specialised labs) can be requested through the 2024 Web Room Booker after the relevant Teaching Period Timetable has been published.  Please refer to the following publication dates:

  • Teaching Period One Timetable (Study Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 81, 82, 83 & 84 and Trimesters 1 & 2) will be published annually in December the year prior.
  • Teaching Period Two Timetable (Study Periods 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 85 & 86 and Trimester 3) will be published annually in June.

If your booking request for a teaching room falls on a date where the Teaching Period Timetable is yet to be published, your booking will be cancelled, and you will be required to submit your booking request after the relevant Teaching Period Timetable has been published.

Important Note: a VPN connection is required if you wish to access Web Room Booker when working off-campus

About Central Plaza

Central Plaza is an open public space that connects The Science Place, the Engineering & Innovation Place, and other areas of the campus.

The Plaza is the centrepiece of a network of public spaces reshaping the Bebegu Yumba Campus.

The Plaza features a distinctive curved roof design that appears to change shape when viewed from different perspectives, with the underside of the canopy featuring a giant artwork.

Booking Central Plaza

Below are links to Central Plaza Information Sheet, BBQ Care and Maintenance fact sheet and information about the design concept from Megan Cope.

Central Plaza Information Sheet

Central Plaza BBQ Care and Maintenance Fact Sheet

Central Plaza Design – Megan Cope

If you have any problems or require further assistance, please email

For any Timetable queries, please contact your College Academic Services Team.

For any Video Conferencing enquiries, please contact