Employability Edge Master Written Applications

Master Written Applications

Learn to write competitive and targeted job applications to promote your skills, experiences and education to potential employers. This module helps you to create targeted and effective written communications to boost your employability.

How long will the module take to complete?

Approximately 120 minutes

Learning objectives

  • Understand contemporary application processes and requirements
  • Create a quality cover letter outlining your suitability for a specific role
  • Prepare a concise and targeted resume
  • Respond confidently to written application tasks.

Working through this module

You will gain maximum advantage from this module by working step by step through the topics and activities. At the end of each topic, there is an ‘Additional Resources’ section where you can explore additional information about the subject matter to get that employability edge.


Download and save the ‘Master Written Applications’ Activity Book below, and login to your JCU Big Interview and LinkedIn Learning accounts to participate in this module.