What to bring

The table below provides a list of essential items that you should bring with you for your time in Australia. You should also check with your airline to confirm how much baggage you are allowed to bring.

Essential items list

Essential ItemsTravel tips for the items

Important documents

Photocopy all important documents before you leave home. Leave a copy with someone at home and keep another copy with you, separate from the originals. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Valid passport
  • Current student visa
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Receipts of payments (e.g. tuition fees, OSHC, bank statements)
  • Original or certified copies of academic transcripts and qualifications (if applicable)
  • Other personal identification documents (driver’s license, ID card, birth certificate)

Prescriptions for medications

Bring prescriptions for any medications that you need to take regularly. If you need to organise additional medication while in Australia, take any previous prescriptions with you when seeing a doctor.

When travelling to Australia, you must declare any drugs and medicines (including prescription medications).

It is advisable that you obtain a letter or prescription from your doctor describing your medication and medical condition, and carry this letter with you.

Visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration website for more information.

Australian currency

Exchange money before you leave home. It is recommended that you have access to at least AUD$150 when you first arrive.

There are no currency exchange facilities at the Townsville airport.

Electrical adaptor/converter

All electrical equipment and appliances that you bring to Australia will need to be used with an adaptor/converter (unless the item has a multi-voltage option).

Care should especially be taken with expensive items to ensure that the correct adapter/converter is used. Power outlets in Australia will only accept certain two or three-pinned plugs.

Further information is available here.

Appropriate items for North Queensland 

Sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, good walking shoes, hat, umbrella, swimwear, camera and insect repellent. You should bring some loose, comfortable clothes for the warmer months, and light winter clothing for the cooler months. All of these items are widely available in Australia to purchase.

Things to consider

Bringing laptops

You can bring items such as a laptop computer and similar electronic equipment duty free into Australia provided that Customs is satisfied these items are intended to be taken with you on departure.

For more information visit Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Medical records for pre-existing conditions

You should obtain a letter from your doctor regarding any pre-existing conditions you may have as this will assist your doctor in Australia to provide any treatment you may need. There may be claim restrictions on your Overseas Student Health Cover if you have any pre-existing conditions.

For further information contact Allianz Care.

You should also bring a record of immunisations you have had, particularly if you are studying programs at JCU that require you to have certain vaccinations (e.g. Medicine, Nursing and Veterinary Science).

Personal references for work and renting

If you are planning to work or rent a property whilst in Australia, you may be required to provide personal and rental references, so you may wish to obtain some references before you leave home.