JCU is a participant in the US Federal Student Aid program, as well as the US Veterans Affairs program. JCU is also registered with private student loan lender, Sallie Mae.  For more information about eligibility for loans and/or benefits please click on the links below.

  • US Federal Student Aid

    Eligible students enrolling in an approved degree program which is located at Townsville or Cairns campus can apply for US Federal Student Aid. Click here for more information: US Federal Student Aid

  • US Private Student Loans

    Students can apply for a private student loan directly with the lender, Sallie Mae.  If you are ineligible for US Federal Student Aid, or require additional funds to supplement the Federal Aid, a private student loan may be the next best option. Click here for more information: US Private Student Loan

  • US Veterans Affairs benefits

    If you are a veteran of the US armed forces, a dependent child of a veteran, or have benefits transferred, you may be eligible for US Veterans Affairs benefits while you are attending James Cook University. Click here for more information: US Veterans Affairs