Dikita Tuladhar (Nepal)

“I come from a very busy city in Nepal, which is Kathmandu. I wanted to study in a place where it is quiet and peaceful, and JCU provided just that.

JCU is located in an area which is very serene, and helps study-oriented students to focus on their studies without having any major distractions.

I chose to study a Master of Information Technology at James Cook University because of its flexible and diverse course structure. The course structure was very transparent and it focusses on advanced computing, networking, programming, and information systems, along with other subjects that are directly or indirectly linked to IT.

Dikita Tuladhar studying with friends.

I always wanted to have a deeper understanding of how information is transmitted from one device to another.

I think the location that JCU is on is very serene, peaceful, and very suitable for study-oriented students to focus on their studies. It is quiet and have access to very beautiful beaches where you can have a short break from your studies and refresh yourself. The weather is perfect and the people here are very nice and friendly.

The University staff are very helpful and always go that extra mile to help you not just in your academics but also in your wellbeing. They are very supportive and flexible and they are always open to suggestions and responsive to our feedback.”