Student Equity and Wellbeing Multifaith Chaplaincy

Multifaith Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy Building (131) will be closed for refurbishment from Monday 28th October and will be re-opened from Monday 9th December.

Access to the building is restricted.

All prayer rooms have been relocated during this time.
During the Closure, the Chaplain can be found in Accessibility Services Office, in the Library (bld 18), ground floor, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Islamic Prayer Rooms are Temporarily Located in Building 29, room 001. A sink can be found inside, between the two prayer areas. Bathrooms are also located around the corner, just outside building 134. These rooms will be open from 7am to 9pm.

If you need to contact someone please email or if it is an emergency please contact Student Equity and Wellbeing on 4781 4711.

The JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy partners with local Faith Communities to support and encourage JCU students and staff in their spiritual lives and in the practicing of their faith.

As part of JCU’s Student Equity and Wellbeing Team, the Chaplaincy provides many services for the JCU community, including:

  • Chaplaincy Centres with Muslim prayer rooms, quiet prayer and worship rooms, tutorial room for larger groups, and kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Pastoral Care for personal, spiritual and faith-related support
  • Interfaith Engagement through dialogue and activities
  • Connections with JCU and other faith communities

Find out more about the diverse services, connections and opportunities offered by the Chaplaincy, or visit our Facebook page.