Chaplaincy Centres

There are Chaplaincy Centres in both the Townsville and Cairns campuses. While the Chaplaincy centres do not advocate or promote any particular Church or religious organisation, JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy does support religious expression and increasing opportunities for inter-faith dialogue.

The Cairns JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy has a multifaith prayer room, located in Room A4.032.1

Swipe card access is required for entry and washing facilities are available in the A4 ground level amenities. Please sign in and out using the Sign in sheet in the room.

The facility does not require booking and is accessible 7.00am – 9.00pm daily.

The Townsville JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy is located in Building 131 and is open 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.

Please sign in and out using the sign in sheet on the hallway whiteboard.

To make an appointment with the Chaplain, please email

JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy events will be advertised around the university as well as being posted on the entrance whiteboard of the Chaplaincy Centre (Building 131).


The Townsville Chaplaincy Centre has four rooms available for bookings by staff or students:

  • large and small gathering spaces
  • dedicated Muslim prayer rooms for females and males
  • bathrooms with showers available
  • a kitchen with microwave, fridge with a small freezer capacity and seating for eight people

All rooms are air-conditioned and with the exception of the Muslim prayer rooms, offer non-denominational prayer spaces, suitable for quiet one-on-one conversations, reflections, meetings, meditation or group activities.

Booking form

To assist with your booking requirements, please see the room specification below.

Room name

Room number

Seating capacity

Suitable for:

Conference Room



Larger group activities, meditation, mentoring and training

Quiet Room



Prayer, worship or meditation

Meeting Room



Small group discussions/meeting/facilitation

Reflection Room



One-to-one conversation, personal meditation/reflection




Breaks/discussion: table & chairs, kettle, microwave, fridge, tableware and cups/glasses

To submit your request to use our facilities at the Townsville Campus Multifaith Chaplaincy, please complete this booking form.  A hard copy of this form is available in the Chaplaincy Centre, underneath the Sign-in sheet.

Multifaith chaplaincy invites students & staff to make an appointment with the chaplain. This is a private, confidential service. The chaplain is not here to judge, convert or advocate for any particular faith. Those seeking to meet with the chaplain may simply be seeking a listening ear. If you would like to talk about study, friends, family, faith concerns or any other issue on your mind, consider contacting the chaplain.

The Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre is here to support the spiritual and/or pastoral needs facing our community. As well as chatting with the chaplain, it may also include pastoral visits to hospital, arranging events and facilitating activities throughout the year. If you have an idea for a great activity, share it with the chaplain! All ideas that reflect the core values of JCU (Authenticity, Integrity, Excellence and Respect) are welcome.

The Multifaith Chaplain can be contacted at:

If you require other assistance, please contact Counselling and Wellbeing on 1800 246 446 or