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Chaplaincy Centres

In partnership with local Faith Communities, the JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre supports and encourages JCU students and staff in their spiritual lives and encourages them in practicing their faith.

The Chaplaincy Centres are a free service provided by JCU. They provide a neutral space for religious expression, and are available to all students and staff via booking or drop-in.

The Cairns JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy has a Multifaith Prayer Room, located in Room A4.032.1. Swipe card access is required for entry and washing facilities are available in the A4 ground level amenities. The new facility does not require booking and is accessible 7am-9pm daily.

The Townsville JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy is located across the road from the Student Mall and is open 7am-9pm every day. The Chaplain is available 9am-4pm for appointments or drop-in every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during semesters.

The Townsville Chaplaincy Centre has four rooms available for bookings by students. Additionally, we have a dedicated Muslim Prayer Room for males and a dedicated Muslim Prayer Room for females. We also have bathroom facilities (with showers for prayer requirements) and a kitchen with a microwave, fridge and freezer, with seating for up to 10 people. To book our facilities please fill out the form in the tab below.

Current Activities

There are many groups running various faith-related activities within the Townsville Campus’ Chaplaincy Centre. Please feel free to use the contact details below to enquire about the activities or to join the group.

Mindfulness Meditation 001 Tuesday 1pm-2pm Drop-In Session
Tharlam Buddhist Meditation 001 Tuesday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-12:30pm
Phil Heang
0499 026 184
Vipassana Meditation 001 Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm Jacqueline Lau
Streams International Bible Study 001 Thursday 7pm-8pm Tanya Tan
0472 583 030
Gilgal Temple Bible Study and Prayer 001 Friday 5pm-7pm Albert Rwagasore
0469 404 208
Shrilankan Buddhist Meditation 001 & 010 Saturday 7pm-9pm Shirley Manatunga
0458 169 023
Gilgal Temple Worship Service 001 & 002 Sunday 9am-12pm Albert Rwagasore
0469 404 208
Chinese Christian Church 010 Sunday 9am-1pm Drop-In Session
Streams International Mentorship Program 001 Sunday 4pm-7pm Michael Hayford
0420 817 014

Got a question about uni, faith or friends? 
Feeling overwhelmed? 
Missing home? 
Just need someone to talk to?

The University Chaplain is based in Townsville and is available on campus during semesters to assist you in making it through. Appointments are available, otherwise you may drop-in to the Townsville Chaplaincy Centre during the Chaplain's operating hours. Phone and video appointments are also available for students and staff located in Cairns who would like support.

Chaplain Crystal Greive
Phone (+61) 7 4781 5447
On-Campus Availability

Monday, 9am-4pm

Tuesday, 9am-4pm

Wednesday, 9am-4pm


JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre

Building 131, Douglas Campus

The Cairns JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy Prayer Room, located in Room A4.032.1, does not require booking.

However, if you would like to book a larger room for a spiritual or religious activity, please contact the Chaplain at to discuss potential options.

All rooms are air-conditioned and provide a quiet place for prayer, reflection, meditation, group activities and one-to-one conversations.

Room Name

Room Number

Seating Capacity


Tutorial Room



Suitable for group activities, meditation, mentoring and training. Contains a white board, table and chairs.

Quiet Room



Suitable for small group discussions. Contains several couches.

Round Table Room



Suitable for small group discussions/facilitation (e.g. conflict resolution group). Contains a small table and chairs.

Reflection Room



Suitable for one-to-one conversations (e.g. with a Visiting Chaplain), personal meditation and reflection.

Booking Form

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