WHS New & Updated Procedures

WHS-PRO-005 WHS Incident and Hazard Management Procedure - Updated

HSE-PRO-015 Training and Competency Procedure – Updated

HSE-PRO-015 Training and Competency Procedure – Updated

WHS training is a fundamental requirement for any workplace to achieve a safe working environment.  The purpose of this procedure is to ensure a structured system for implementation of WHS training at the JCU.  This procedure details the process and requirements to ensure all JCU employees have received appropriate WHS training and instructions, including mandatory WHS training such as Safety Inductions and Fire Evacuation Program (FEP).

WHS-PRO-011 Drugs & Position Procedure - updated

WHS-PRO-014 Ionising Radiation Procedure -

WHS-PRO-018 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Procedure - updated

WHS-PRO-024 Cryogen & Gas Management Procedure - NEW

Research and teaching is conducted using cryogenic liquids and compressed gas.  Cryogens and compressed gases need to be managed appropriately for use and storage.  This procedure will provide consistency for use of these substances.

The Cryogen and Gas Management Procedure details:

  • Design aspects to be considered for the storage of cryogenic liquids and large quantities of compressed gases.  Examples including:
    • Calculations to determine level of risk;
    • Requirements for gas monitoring;
    • Testing of reticulated gas systems;
  • Cryogenic liquid specific requirements such as transport in lifts;
  • Compressed gas cylinder specific controls;
  • Gas monitoring system maintenance and calibration;
  • Dry Ice;
  • Inspection requirements;
  • Emergency planning and general prompts.  Please note that currently JCU staff will not enter an environment that is unsafe for occupancy rather a decision is to be made if emergency services are needed.  This highlights the importance of designing spaces that can be viewed without entering to determine if a person has been overcome by the gases within the room.

WHS-PRO-028 Student Placement Procedure - NEW