Radiation Management

JCU is committed to providing a safe workplace for staff, students and visitors to the University.  The University recognises the need to protect students, staff and the environment from potential hazards associated with ionising radiation.

The JCU Radiation Safety Committee is a sub-committee to the JCU Work Health and Safety Advisory Committee (WHSAC). The current Terms of Reference for the committee are maintained by the WHS Unit.

The Radiation Safety Sub-Committee was established to monitor and advise on all radiation issues arising from practices authorised under possession licences issued to JCU as a corporation and to its Colleges, Divisions and Directorates.

Any new radiation sources, apparatus or processes proposed, will need to be raised at the Radiation Safety Sub-Committee meetings.

The disposal of any radiation sources or apparatus will need to be raised at the Radiation Safety Sub-Committee meetings.

Composition of Committee

Member and Position Title

Chairperson, (Member of WHSAC for University Radiation Safety – Chairperson)

Dr Kevin Blake, Analytical Research Centre, Possession Licensee, Advanced Analytical Centre

University Appointed Radiation Safety Officers

TBA (or Nominee), RSO, Advanced Analytical Centre (Cairns)

Dr Yi Hu (or Nominee), RSO, Advanced Analytical Centre (Townsville)

Associate Professor John Cavalieri (or Nominee), RSO, Veterinary Biomedical Services

Ms Serrin Rowarth (or Nominee),  RSO, Australian Institute of Tropical Health Medicine (Townsville)

Mr Phil Walsh (or Nominee) RSO, Australian Institute of Tropical Health Medicine (Cairns)

Mr Ray Layton (or Nominee), RSO, Pharmacy & Molecular Sciences

Divisional Operations

Ms Suzanne Delahunty (or Nominee)

(Deputy Chair)  College Operations Manager

Manager, Laboratories and Technical Support, Academy Division

Mrs Sue Kelly (or Nominee)

Engineering Laboratory and Technical Support Advisor, Academy DivisionMr Amendra Perera (or Nominee)
Advisors by Invitation:
Controlled Entities Radiation Safety Officers
Miss Victoria Thomas (or Nominee), JCU UniVet

Dr Amar Sholapurka (or Nominee), Tropical Queensland Centre of Oral Health

Advisors by Invitation:
All Possession Licensee Nominees

Professor Peter Junk (or Nominee), College of Science and Engineering

Margaret Reilly (or Nominee), College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences

Permanent Advisor WHS Unit Mr Drew Kleier (or Nominee), Occupational Hygienist, WHS Unit
Secretariat Ms Kahlia Strid (or Nominee), Divisional Support Officer, WHS Unit

Prior to applying for a research project that involves radiation apparatus or sources, the applicant must receive in concept, approval from the relevant RSO and College Manager or Dean. This is to indicate that, if approved, the project will be supported.

Once the project approval is received, the required steps to use the source or apparatus must be put in place.

Projects will broadly fit two categories:

  • There is an existing isotope or apparatus in use and this is already documented in a radiation safety plan. This will involve minor changes to allow use.
  • There is no existing use of an isotope or apparatus, and there is no documented radiation safety plan. Involving a reasonable investment of time and money to progress.  The application aspects could take 180 days to be processed as the various components are submitted to the regulator.

Dose badges are issued by the HSE Biological, Radiation and Chemicals Safety Advisor. If you require a dose badge contact your Radiation Safety Officer.