Work Health and Safety Field Trips, Boating and Diving

Field Trips, Boating and Diving

RiskWare Field Trip Module

Purpose and Benefits

The Field Trip Module was created to meet the requirements outlined in the WHS Regulations 2011 (s) 48. In minimising risks to the health and safety of workers associated with remote or isolated work, a person conducting a business or undertaking must provide a system of work that includes effective communication with the worker.

This module will standardise the field trip management process throughout the University.  The icon will appear on the dashboard when signed into RiskWare for staff and students to create and manage field trips.

  • Accessible from any computer with internet
  • Integrated with the existing incident and risk management system, RiskWare
  • Consistent method to create, manage and approve field trips in a controlled environment
  • Track all changes made to a field trip with an audit trail function
  • Link existing risk assessments to a field trip
  • Prepopulate class lists
  • Google Maps interactive travel plans
  • Automated email alerts
  • Access to current record of active and archived field trips
  • Clone existing field trips
  • Peer Review function

Training is being delivered via a variety of delivery methods including face-to-face, webinar, customised groups and one on one.

Objective: Provide the skills to use field trip module in RiskWare

Course Aim: This course will provide a systematic and consistent approach to creating, managing and approving field trips in a controlled environment at JCU.

Audience: All staff and postgraduate students

Summary of Content:

  • How to create a new field trip
    • Enter details about field trip including description, destination, dates
    • Identify activities occurring on the field trip and link risk assessments
    • Enter details of field trip leader, approver, communication person, first aid and participants individually or add a class
    • Enter field trip itinerary and communication plan
    • Provide details of vehicles and attachments to support field trip
  • How to clone a field trip
  • How to request a peer review
  • How to view audit trail
  • How to approve a field trip

Boating and Diving at JCU

JCU is a government workplace. As such, all diving and water-related activities are subject to work health and safety regulations.

WHS Safety Framework

JCU Boating Work Health and Safety Management Framework

JCU Diving Work Health and Safety Management Framework

Visit the Boating and Diving site.

For support or advice, please contact the Boating and Diving Office.