Work Health and Safety Notice Board

The Work Health and Safety Unit aims to provide the JCU community with notice of safety alerts, product recalls and other health and safety news. To nominate an items for inclusion on this notice board, please contact

Office Hazards

Most staff at JCU regularly use computers. Some basic knowledge on office hazards and workstation ergonomics can go a long way towards safer work. Review this guideline to learn more.

Computer Workstation Access

Do you ever have to climb on or under your desk, or reach across behind other equipment to access your computer power supply? This might occur when coming to or from the workplace on a Remote Working Arrangement (RWA), moving desk or office location, hot spotting (desk sharing) or returning to campus after a period of leave. Review this guideline to learn more.

Workstation Ergonomics

WHS have developed a range of ergonomic tools and guidelines that can help you to optimise your workstation.

Office Hazards Handout

Computer Workstation Access Handout

Looking after our own health and wellbeing is more important than ever.To help with this, Down Dog is offering staff and students at educational facilities around the world free access to Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, Barre and Prenatal Yoga.

Visit the App Store/Google Play to download any or all of the Down Dog apps onto your personal device, or access the content through the Down Dog website. Sign up with your JCU email address and you’ll receive ongoing free access.

Important: Staff and students who choose to take up the offer from Down Dog should not use the same password used to access any of JCU’s digital platforms or services.

Visit for more details.

Note: JCU is not affiliated with Down Dog in any way. Consider your individual health needs and if necessary, obtain medical guidance prior to undertaking these activities.